Obvious question: when did I created this site? Well no sweat, I’ll let you know dude. Stop procrastinating and listen up. Here goes:

I actually had the idea about this website about 5 years ago. I was living abroad away from family when I was expecting a little one. Oh how happy I was back then, mind you I am still very happy at the moment. Thank you very much for asking. But it was only recently that I manage to spend the time to actually build this site and launched it like any other website. Launched it like no other in that I went crazy and a little overboard in advertising.

I spent a lot, well really big when promoting this site on launch week. In term of dollars, I’d rather not say too much about it. Let’s just say that it is quite an expensive exercise to do. But did I have to it the way I did, probably no. But it’s all done now and in the past. Let by gone by by goneĀ  they say. I am certainly over it by now.

Fast forward now to year 2014, I’ve learnt a great deal. In fact, so much so is that I am considering a career change. But that’s another story that I might tell and share another day.

To wrap it up. I created this website about a year ago, but the vision I had was years ago. So go figure!



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