WHAT – question is, what is this website all about?

It’s everything to do with babies.

You name it:

  • babies name
  • ways to determine whether it’s a boy or girl
  • which childcare the parents take them to
  • babies’ clothes
  • what type of food they like
  • favourite stroller
  • hospitals
  • favourite colour
  • pretty much anything in relation to babies

I covered pretty much everything under the sun. Well perhaps not “umbrella”, excuse the pun! By the way it was not intended. At all! Seriously.

So if you’ve landed on this website and not interested in baby talk, by all means simply navigate away. But if it’s something you  were actually looking for then I welcome you with open arms. Stay tuned and interact. I’d love to hear to what you have to say. But keep it simple stupid, keep discussions relating to babies. Otherwise, bye bye! :) Just kidding.


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