Quiler’s Birthday Party

This may seem farfetched since I created this blog a couple of years ago after my daughter’s introduction to the world. My daughter’s name is Quiler, for which this blog is dedicated to. It was her birthday party. We have decided to throw a big party with lots of kids that we’ve invited with her consultation of course. We hired pretty much all of the party supplies you can think of in our city. It wasn’t that big but we did manage to get a lot of things for the big day.

We invited her friends over. Many of them were from the childcare group. I would say there was about thirty kids that were invited to the party. Her best friend’s name is Kelly and her other close friend Maddy was there too. Because she did say to me if you were to invite my friends they are the two that you must invite first. Without them then Quiler wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much, well at least according to her.

So it was a week before the party when I decided to ring around and book as many party supply equipments as possible. The first place that we called up was the balloon hire. It wasn’t just a normal balloon hire, it was the ones that you fill up with helium. You know the one that make your voice go squeaky like a mouse when you breathe it in. That was a success. The next place that we called up was the bouncy castle hire in Perth. The people were magnificent, they had a lot of bounce castles and water slide to choose from and we ended up choosing the Barbie themed castle. It costed us just a little bit more than you at the usual standard bouncy castle. But we didn’t care as it was her birthday and therefore her special day. The bouncy castle was pink in colour and she loved it of course. And so did many of her friends that day.

Kelly’s parents also told me that they wanted to have a party like this one. I said next time when you do call me up because I can help you organise the party just like I did for my daughter’s birthday. Of course don’t forget to invite me! I told her if she doesn’t then I won’t help you with. Just kidding! I will help you because you’re my friend that’s what I said to Kelly parents, whose names were James and Rhianna.

That day was very busy as you can imagine. A party can be a hit and miss sometimes. That’s because some kids love parties with lots of balloons and some like it with lots of sweet stuff. But i guess I was lucky because my daughter loves bouncy castle and bouncy castles is all she wants. So i guess I was very very lucky. The reason why I say I was very lucky is because I also love bouncy castles when I was a kid..

Oh i forgot to tell you about the weather. The weather in Perth was a magnificent one. The temperature was mild in the mid twenties. So the day went really well. Especially because it didn’t rain that was my biggest fear on the day.

Now that the party is over I can relax and think about the next one. Next year may seemed far away but I bet it will creep up on us and then before you know it you’ll be organising it all over again. But I don’t mind because it was a lot of fun.

Next time I don’t know what I would do but I think I’m gonna try a bigger party then this one. If that’s even possible at all. Because this party was a big one, next time I wanted to hire any party supplies I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. The end of the day it is about how organised you are. The more organised you are the less stress you’ll experience and the more fun you will have at the end of the day.

So there you go, next time if you want to throw a big party for your little one don’t think twice about it just pick up the phone and start organising.

This blog post was dedicated to all mothers out there who loves to party with the little one. Until my next post I will see you later.

If you have any questions that you may have in relation to the party that I have organised for my daughter then please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. But remember I am a very busy mum like many of you out there, so I may take a little while to reply but I can rest assure that I will get back to your question or comment as soon as possible.

I was going to get my husband to reply for me but hey you know how men are so I won’t do that. Let’s just keep this between you and me. See you later! Once again thank you for stopping by my blog. See you again very soon.

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