Hello Mr Removalist and Friend!

Today is the day when my family and of course our beloved little girl Quiler are moving out. I know! It’s kind of sad but let bygone be bygone and time to say a big hello to our new home. Moving houses can be very daunting but I don’t know about you but it is pretty exciting for me. Yes of course there’s some tantrum and drama to add to the day when you have a little baby in the family. But it’s all for the better.

There’s a lot of planning that’s involved when it comes to moving out of your house. Firstly things needs to be packed. Geez, it took meĀ  little while to find suitable boxes to put our belongings in. Then there’s accessories to go with it. Things like tape, papers for wrapping and several bigger sized boxes for the bigger items in the house. Everyone pack things differently, but me I prefer to wrap it in lots of paper before putting it into boxes and taping it securely. To be honest the packing is kind of light work but the volume of stuff to pack easily makes up for it. that is light work becomes heavy work just through the sheer volume of stuff to pack. But I have to give it to Quiler, she was very well behaved when my partner and I were packing. Mind you, she had to be! Because most of the items were hers. Not ours! That’s ok, it is our first baby so I don’t mind to spoil her a bit. Can’t help it, we’re here parents. That’s what parents do right?

At the end of the day this picture tells you how I felt towards the end of packing…

moving house stress

The next on the list of things to organise is the removalists. Who will move our belongings both big and small to our new place? Our new house is about 40 km away from our current one. The obvious thing to do is to call around to get quotes for removal services that included heavy item removal, as we do have a pool table and a couple of heavy furniture. Sometimes, I regret buying that bulky and heavy dining table. But at the same time I love it because of friends complimenting it when they come over. Anyways, back to choosing our removalists.. hmmm who should we choose? To be honest I am not picky I just want them to do the job properly the first time around. I’m more about saving time than money, but that’s just me. others may have different view about this. After searching for removalists in Perth on the internet for about an hour, we’ve found what seemed to be a good and reputable company to go with. Called them and straight away booked it and luckily they were available even though it was a relatively short notice.

This whole business of removal services gave me the idea to name this post: Hello Mr Removalist and Friend! He did have a friend who helped him the whole time, hence and friend! I thought that was quite creative of me, which I am usually not! So there’s something different coming from me.

To pretty much cut the story short, the move went smoothly and somewhat uneventful. Boring but it’s the way I liked it. Hiring someone to move our stuff was te best decision we’ve made for a long time! Less worry and less stress for me. Hope you all can agree. Anyways I might write another post justĀ  to let you know how we’re doing. I bet you’re looking forward to my update, right? Well I hope that you do. ‘Til next time.. chow! Don’t miss me too much!

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