Discovering Something New: Liquid Limestone Paving

Discovering something new is what our little Quiler do pretty much on an hourly basis. And that’s not an exaggeration at all! She literally discover something brand new every single hour! It always amazes me the things she gets up to in order to explore the world around her. Well, it turned out it’s not just her who discover new things, us adults also can discover something they didn’t know about and at the same time blow their mind upon the discovery.

This post is to share something that we’ve just discovered literally in the last week or so. Some of you might know it already but perhaps some of you don’t. I am talking about a particular type of paving called liquid limestone or poured limestone. Basically, it is a type of paving that has some a special thermal resistant property which makes it a popular choice for many families (it is how I found out about it at the mother’s group). Especially under the scorching heat of Perth’s fierce sun, liquid limestone makes it cool to tread on pretty much all year around. So how does that sound? Pretty “cool” hey? No pun intended! At all!

Anyways, we straight away decided to invest in liquid limestone for our outdoor area surrounding the house. Within a week of calling this company that specialises in their installation and after being told they had more than 20 years experience in paving, the super duper special paving was done!

The biggest fan of our new paving had to be our little Quiler! She absolutely loved it. I didn’t have to worry anymore about her gettin scorched marks when crawling on the pavement, especially during the summer months. What a relief! We can now have people over and hang around outdoors, even in the heat, and have our little one exploring the world around her in comfort.

So to those who haven’t heard about liquid limestone then read about it! I’ll guarantee you’ll love it. In fact if you’re looking to get them, then just go to these guys who are experts when it comes to anything related to liquid limestone and tell ‘em we referred them to you, you might even get a special discount – who knows! :)

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