A Day Out Buying My Baby’s Clothes

It only seems like yesterday when I gave birth to Quiler, my first baby daughter. I remember  getting all excited to shop for baby girl clothes close to my eighth term but for some reason, this was derailed by shopping for more important things to have in the nursery like a pram, a crib, a play pen, a changing table, a night light, a diaper bin, and the list goes on.

However, I never got around to shop for clothes due to my low lying placenta. My gynecologist advised me to rest in bed three weeks before I was due. I guess the bed rest did me a lot of good as I was able to give birth naturally despite the risk of having a cesarean delivery. Today, at two months, the only baby clothes Quiler owns are a dozen white onesies which I got as a present from my cousin, Isabel during my baby shower. And it looks like they won’t fit my baby anymore in the next two weeks. I don’t want to sound like a mean mother but Quiler grows up so fast just like the way an air pump fills up a balloon.

So I decided to shop for her clothes for the first time. And it was not easy. There were a lot of pretty things to choose from, from tiny pink shirts to laced and ribboned little dresses. I used to think that moms who bought these clothes were crazy for spending dollars on something way too fancy for their babies.  Besides, babies should be kept indoors for the first few weeks so where else should they be wearing fancy clothes? Also, they would probably wear them once or twice in their whole baby lives. Well, I misjudged these moms. I found myself paying for a couple of sparkling light pink romper and a lavender lace and ribbon dress with rhinestones. Please don’t judge me.

Discovering Something New: Liquid Limestone Paving

Discovering something new is what our little Quiler do pretty much on an hourly basis. And that’s not an exaggeration at all! She literally discover something brand new every single hour! It always amazes me the things she gets up to in order to explore the world around her. Well, it turned out it’s not just her who discover new things, us adults also can discover something they didn’t know about and at the same time blow their mind upon the discovery.

This post is to share something that we’ve just discovered literally in the last week or so. Some of you might know it already but perhaps some of you don’t. I am talking about a particular type of paving called liquid limestone or poured limestone. Basically, it is a type of paving that has some a special thermal resistant property which makes it a popular choice for many families (it is how I found out about it at the mother’s group). Especially under the scorching heat of Perth’s fierce sun, liquid limestone makes it cool to tread on pretty much all year around. So how does that sound? Pretty “cool” hey? No pun intended! At all!

Anyways, we straight away decided to invest in liquid limestone for our outdoor area surrounding the house. Within a week of calling this company that specialises in their installation and after being told they had more than 20 years experience in paving, the super duper special paving was done!

The biggest fan of our new paving had to be our little Quiler! She absolutely loved it. I didn’t have to worry anymore about her gettin scorched marks when crawling on the pavement, especially during the summer months. What a relief! We can now have people over and hang around outdoors, even in the heat, and have our little one exploring the world around her in comfort.

So to those who haven’t heard about liquid limestone then read about it! I’ll guarantee you’ll love it. In fact if you’re looking to get them, then just go to these guys who are experts when it comes to anything related to liquid limestone and tell ‘em we referred them to you, you might even get a special discount – who knows! :)

Hello Mr Removalist and Friend!

Today is the day when my family and of course our beloved little girl Quiler are moving out. I know! It’s kind of sad but let bygone be bygone and time to say a big hello to our new home. Moving houses can be very daunting but I don’t know about you but it is pretty exciting for me. Yes of course there’s some tantrum and drama to add to the day when you have a little baby in the family. But it’s all for the better.

There’s a lot of planning that’s involved when it comes to moving out of your house. Firstly things needs to be packed. Geez, it took me  little while to find suitable boxes to put our belongings in. Then there’s accessories to go with it. Things like tape, papers for wrapping and several bigger sized boxes for the bigger items in the house. Everyone pack things differently, but me I prefer to wrap it in lots of paper before putting it into boxes and taping it securely. To be honest the packing is kind of light work but the volume of stuff to pack easily makes up for it. that is light work becomes heavy work just through the sheer volume of stuff to pack. But I have to give it to Quiler, she was very well behaved when my partner and I were packing. Mind you, she had to be! Because most of the items were hers. Not ours! That’s ok, it is our first baby so I don’t mind to spoil her a bit. Can’t help it, we’re here parents. That’s what parents do right?

At the end of the day this picture tells you how I felt towards the end of packing…

moving house stress

The next on the list of things to organise is the removalists. Who will move our belongings both big and small to our new place? Our new house is about 40 km away from our current one. The obvious thing to do is to call around to get quotes for removal services that included heavy item removal, as we do have a pool table and a couple of heavy furniture. Sometimes, I regret buying that bulky and heavy dining table. But at the same time I love it because of friends complimenting it when they come over. Anyways, back to choosing our removalists.. hmmm who should we choose? To be honest I am not picky I just want them to do the job properly the first time around. I’m more about saving time than money, but that’s just me. others may have different view about this. After searching for removalists in Perth on the internet for about an hour, we’ve found what seemed to be a good and reputable company to go with. Called them and straight away booked it and luckily they were available even though it was a relatively short notice.

This whole business of removal services gave me the idea to name this post: Hello Mr Removalist and Friend! He did have a friend who helped him the whole time, hence and friend! I thought that was quite creative of me, which I am usually not! So there’s something different coming from me.

To pretty much cut the story short, the move went smoothly and somewhat uneventful. Boring but it’s the way I liked it. Hiring someone to move our stuff was te best decision we’ve made for a long time! Less worry and less stress for me. Hope you all can agree. Anyways I might write another post just  to let you know how we’re doing. I bet you’re looking forward to my update, right? Well I hope that you do. ‘Til next time.. chow! Don’t miss me too much!

Just Sharing A Funny Video

C’mon lets be honest and admit that you love YouTube videos! Well I confess I am one of them. Especially kids or baby videos. /and my little one loves it too. When I playback the video she becomes very alert. I’ll tell you what, don’t underestimate those kids! they know a lot more than you give them credit for.

Anyways, I was surfing the web the other day and ran into this cute funny video that I wanted to share with you all. Of course, feel free to comment on it. If you don’t happen to like it than I apologise in advance. Ok here it is:

Geez I can’t stop laughing when I see the video. I bet many of you would agree. Well at least those with a sense of humour! Just kidding, I hope I didn’t offend anybody. Just thinking out loud. Well maybe I shouldn’t think out loud.

This is my first post of a video and there will be more in the near horizon. Only because I love to watch videos thats all!

Bam bam, I am gone! See you later alligator, in a while crocodile!

Quiler’s Birthday Party

This may seem farfetched since I created this blog a couple of years ago after my daughter’s introduction to the world. My daughter’s name is Quiler, for which this blog is dedicated to. It was her birthday party. We have decided to throw a big party with lots of kids that we’ve invited with her consultation of course. We hired pretty much all of the party supplies you can think of in our city. It wasn’t that big but we did manage to get a lot of things for the big day.

We invited her friends over. Many of them were from the childcare group. I would say there was about thirty kids that were invited to the party. Her best friend’s name is Kelly and her other close friend Maddy was there too. Because she did say to me if you were to invite my friends they are the two that you must invite first. Without them then Quiler wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much, well at least according to her.

So it was a week before the party when I decided to ring around and book as many party supply equipments as possible. The first place that we called up was the balloon hire. It wasn’t just a normal balloon hire, it was the ones that you fill up with helium. You know the one that make your voice go squeaky like a mouse when you breathe it in. That was a success. The next place that we called up was the bouncy castle hire in Perth. The people were magnificent, they had a lot of bounce castles and water slide to choose from and we ended up choosing the Barbie themed castle. It costed us just a little bit more than you at the usual standard bouncy castle. But we didn’t care as it was her birthday and therefore her special day. The bouncy castle was pink in colour and she loved it of course. And so did many of her friends that day.

Kelly’s parents also told me that they wanted to have a party like this one. I said next time when you do call me up because I can help you organise the party just like I did for my daughter’s birthday. Of course don’t forget to invite me! I told her if she doesn’t then I won’t help you with. Just kidding! I will help you because you’re my friend that’s what I said to Kelly parents, whose names were James and Rhianna.

That day was very busy as you can imagine. A party can be a hit and miss sometimes. That’s because some kids love parties with lots of balloons and some like it with lots of sweet stuff. But i guess I was lucky because my daughter loves bouncy castle and bouncy castles is all she wants. So i guess I was very very lucky. The reason why I say I was very lucky is because I also love bouncy castles when I was a kid..

Oh i forgot to tell you about the weather. The weather in Perth was a magnificent one. The temperature was mild in the mid twenties. So the day went really well. Especially because it didn’t rain that was my biggest fear on the day.

Now that the party is over I can relax and think about the next one. Next year may seemed far away but I bet it will creep up on us and then before you know it you’ll be organising it all over again. But I don’t mind because it was a lot of fun.

Next time I don’t know what I would do but I think I’m gonna try a bigger party then this one. If that’s even possible at all. Because this party was a big one, next time I wanted to hire any party supplies I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. The end of the day it is about how organised you are. The more organised you are the less stress you’ll experience and the more fun you will have at the end of the day.

So there you go, next time if you want to throw a big party for your little one don’t think twice about it just pick up the phone and start organising.

This blog post was dedicated to all mothers out there who loves to party with the little one. Until my next post I will see you later.

If you have any questions that you may have in relation to the party that I have organised for my daughter then please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. But remember I am a very busy mum like many of you out there, so I may take a little while to reply but I can rest assure that I will get back to your question or comment as soon as possible.

I was going to get my husband to reply for me but hey you know how men are so I won’t do that. Let’s just keep this between you and me. See you later! Once again thank you for stopping by my blog. See you again very soon.