A Day Out Buying My Baby’s Clothes

It only seems like yesterday when I gave birth to Quiler, my first baby daughter. I remember  getting all excited to shop for baby girl clothes close to my eighth term but for some reason, this was derailed by shopping for more important things to have in the nursery like a pram, a crib, a play pen, a changing table, a night light, a diaper bin, and the list goes on.

However, I never got around to shop for clothes due to my low lying placenta. My gynecologist advised me to rest in bed three weeks before I was due. I guess the bed rest did me a lot of good as I was able to give birth naturally despite the risk of having a cesarean delivery. Today, at two months, the only baby clothes Quiler owns are a dozen white onesies which I got as a present from my cousin, Isabel during my baby shower. And it looks like they won’t fit my baby anymore in the next two weeks. I don’t want to sound like a mean mother but Quiler grows up so fast just like the way an air pump fills up a balloon.

So I decided to shop for her clothes for the first time. And it was not easy. There were a lot of pretty things to choose from, from tiny pink shirts to laced and ribboned little dresses. I used to think that moms who bought these clothes were crazy for spending dollars on something way too fancy for their babies.¬† Besides, babies should be kept indoors for the first few weeks so where else should they be wearing fancy clothes? Also, they would probably wear them once or twice in their whole baby lives. Well, I misjudged these moms. I found myself paying for a couple of sparkling light pink romper and a lavender lace and ribbon dress with rhinestones. Please don’t judge me.

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